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Interstate Carriers

Interstate carriers are required to have the following:

All the items listed on the Intrastate Carriers page, and

US DOT number

This is a federal identification number and a safety program all rolled into one.  Your DOT number is issued by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).  Carriers are given safety ratings based on inspections conducted at the carrier’s place of business and at weigh stations across America.  In California, periodic DOT audits are usually conducted by the California Highway Patrol in conjunction with BIT inspections.

Federal Authority

Often called an ICC number or MC number, this authority is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and is required of all for-hire carriers.  Several things must happen before your Federal Authority is granted:  a two-week public comment period must pass; proof of liability insurance must be provided by your insurance company; and we must provide the FMCSA a list of process agents (BOC-3).  This is a list of people in each state who will accept legal documents on your behalf.

IFTA License

The International Fuel Tax Agreement is a program that ensures that all the states you travel in receive their fair share of the fuel tax money you pay at the pump.  Quarterly reports must be filed.   Underpayments are the responsibility of the carrier.  Overpayments are given in the form of a credit on the account or a refund issued by the State of California.

State Permits

Oregon, New Mexico and New York issue additional permits to carriers who travel in their states, and Kentucky issues a KYU number.  All of these require monthly or quarterly reports, with payments made directly to each state.

IRP Registration

The International Registration Plan is the apportioned registration required for trucks travelling out of California.  You decide which states you want to register in.  The fees are set by each state.

Unified Carrier Registration

This is a national program required by the Department of Transportation.  It is program that facilitates the sharing of insurance or financial responsibility information to all the states you travel in.  Fees are based on the number of tractors and trailers you operate.

Our job is to cut through all the red tape associated with these programs.  Let us take away the worry!

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